What We Do

Combining IP, IT, and AI technology, Kangxin IP Platform provides a smart, one-stop, comprehensive IP management solution. Complete a range of tasks to maintain your trademark, patent, and copyright portfolio with a complete suite of protection services. We provide the below IP services online.
  • AI SearchAI Search
  • Global Trademark RegistrationGlobal Trademark Registration
  • Trademark MonitoringTrademark Monitoring
  • Trademark RenewalTrademark Renewal
  • Trademark Change of Name/AddressTrademark Change of Name/Address
  • Trademark OppositionTrademark Opposition
  • Review of RefusalReview of Refusal
  • Trademark AssignmentTrademark Assignment
  • Trademark Non-Use CancellationTrademark Non-Use Cancellation
  • MarketplaceMarketplace
  • Domain nameDomain name
  • General webGeneral web
  • ImageImage
  • Social mediaSocial media
  • Offline brand protectionOffline brand protection
IP professionals ensure the accuracy of all functions and processes, while IT experts build and maintain the platform with the latest cutting-edge technologies.