Why Us

Kangxin IP Platform is an IP management service unlike many others. We offer a full range of services, designed using the latest machine learning technologies with input from IP experts. These combined forces of IP+IT+AI created a one-stop shop for the entire life cycle of your IP product, all while cutting costs and reducing the time spent filing, so you can focus on developing your business while we protect your IP.
Kangxin IP Platform is an efficient tool offering a full range of services, reducing the time spent filing and searching. The use of AI technology improves trademark search and monitoring results, disrupting the traditional methods of protecting your IP while cutting costs with our flat fees and attractive pricing. Our team has over 25 years of global experience in IP, giving us a unique perspective on the needs of our clients. The transparency of the platform puts your entire IP portfolio at a glance without compromising your security, as all data is encrypted.