About Marketplaces

Your brand is your greatest asset - it demonstrates to consumers that they can trust your products or services. Establishing a strong brand reputation can take years but just one counterfeit may shake a client's trust. Protect the hard work you put into building your brand with a powerful tool to identify counterfeits across a myriad of e-commerce channels and domain names.
Our service scans 150 digital marketplaces, including Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, as well as social media and domain names for fraudulent behaviour, generating monthly reports to help identify counterfeiters so you can take action with the help of our experienced litigation experts.

Be alert of online infringements with monthly monitoring reports
Customise the depth of the analysis and monitoring period
Clear, comprehensive reports with accessible data on sellers and products with automatic currency conversion
Search through 150 online marketplaces throughout the world
Search through 150 online marketplaces throughout the world